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Project Management

With all of our experience in plan services and construction, Mi Casa Construction are Houston's most trusted construction project management firms. We have many successfully executed projects under our belts, and now you can benefit from our expertise as we manage the construction of your project.

As your construction project manager, we will be responsible for every aspect of your project. We serve as your advocate when dealing with contractors, suppliers, and government offices – ensuring that your interests are being taken care of, every step of the way. With all of our experience with building projects in Houston and beyond, we understand the roles and points of view of the various people involved in the project and therefore have an advantage when trying to coordinate a large group of people to work together towards the same goal.

There are obvious advantages to hiring an experienced construction project management firm. "Mi Casa Construction" now known as "Tribu Builder, LLC."  are managing your project, you can expect a flawlessly coordinated construction process, as we seamlessly integrate each participant at every stage of construction. We make sure that the project conforms to budget and provide a higher level of quality control to avoid defects or poor workmanship. We can optimize the construction schedule, ensuring that your project is completed in the most efficient manner possible, and saving you the cost of paying work crews to stand around and wait. We protect you from unnecessary liability by ensuring that all workers follow appropriate safety protocols. Finally, you gain the peace of mind of knowing that your construction project is in our capable hands.

So, contact us today for more information at Tribu Builder, LLC. (Mi Casa Construction) have successfully managed many construction projects all over Houston. We prefer to complete a project from start to finish, beginning with design, but we are also happy to come in to manage the actual construction phase. Call us today for a free estimate.


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