Mi Casa Plans

8036 Howard Dr., Houston, TX 77017


 The best way to begin any building project is with a feasibility study. The goal of any feasibility study is to determine the best design solutions for a project so that our clients can feel totally confident that every important detail of their Houston project has been accounted for.

 The purpose of a feasibility study is to define:

  • The project's goals.
  • How the project's goals will be incorporated into the design.
  • How the selected site will influence the design of the project, in terms of access, natural light, and other considerations.
  • The design of every room in the building.
  • The design criteria for building systems (wiring, plumbing, HVAC, etc.)
  • Total estimated construction cost.

A feasibility study gives us the opportunity to evaluate whether a project is appropriate for its proposed site, as well as how well it will fulfill the goals of the project, and what the final cost will be. This gives our clients a good understanding of what they should expect from a finished project, and how budgets may impact desired features. It also gives us a chance to reevaluate plans at a very early stage, before any serious work has been done, and to decide if there is any better design for accomplishing a project's goals or if another site in Houston might be more appropriate.